Harley-Davidson LiveWire Interface Concepts

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I recently had a chance to test drive the new electric Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire motorcycle. Overall it was a truly extraordinary experience. The design of the motorcycle is quite divine, the torque is stunning and the sound is unique. Kudos Harley. However, when you're trying to show me the future, don't forget the future. The attention to detail in the design of the motorcycle is amazing, but in my opinion, the heart and soul of the motorcycle was missing. The onboard computer and its interface design seemed completely disconnected, confusing and dated. Being ridiculously inspired after my ride, and my love for all that is Harley/Buell, I really wanted to explore some new design concepts to enhance this already incredible experience. Here's some of my intial ideas, more to come! Big thanks to Oscar Alatorre for your animation luv.